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  • Easy use
  • Triple-action mop head - scrubbing, sweeping and cleaning!
  • Easy to fill bottle - no bucket required
  • Easy-to-replace, machine-washable mop head
  • Suitable for all hard floors


Minky 4 in 1 Action Spray Mop is always ready to use.  Perfect for quick cleaning after children and pets. 

4 easy steps:  spray, scrub, sweep and clean


The microfiber pillow is made up of 3 different fibers.  The fibers absorb, collect and retain dirt and remove stubborn stains.


The Minky 4 in 1 Action Spray Mop allows for quick, easy and efficient floor cleaning!  You don’t have to waste time filling the bucket. Simply fill the bottle with cleaning solution and spray on the floor. The triple-action mop head  it has scratch-free strips to remove stubborn dirt, long polyester fibers to catch loose particles and absorbent microfibers for a shiny clean floor. The extra wide head is ideal for cleaning around skirting boards and under furniture.


Use: Remove the packaging. Squeeze the head and handle. Pull and remove the bottle from the mop handle. Unscrew the lid and fill the bottle with water or the cleaning solution of your choice. Do not fill with boiling water. Do not bleach. Replace the lid securely, then push and snap the bottle into the mop handle. Press the trigger to activate the spray pump mechanism. When using for the first time, press the trigger several times to spray the cleaning solution.


Important: when not using the mop, remove the bottle, empty it and store it upright.  Test in an inconspicuous place before first use. Suitable for most hard floor coverings - if unsure, please read the floor manufacturer's instructions. Watch out for light-colored and wood flooring.


To replace the mop pad: Press the pedal to fold the mop head and release the washer at both ends. Take a clean mop pad and push the ends of the mop head into the secure pockets. Squeeze your head by hand or gently press it to the floor.


Instructions for use: The mop pad can be washed by hand and machine up to 60 ° C. Do not use rinse aid as this may reduce the performance of the mop head. Allow the mop head to dry naturally.


The package contains 1 spray handle with 1 mop head.

Minky 4in1 Action Spray Mop

SKU: MM50000100
Ft7,499 Regular Price
Ft3,999Sale Price
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