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  • Easy to handle handle
  • Interchangeable head 
  • Sponge made of premium foam and hard fibers
  • High performance scrubbing force
  • It removes it easily  the  grease and dirt
  • He's coping  with hard-to-reach places


The combination of Minky Dishjet Liquid's double scrubbing power helps you clean plates in seconds  get it!


The long, thin handle can be filled with liquid dishwashing detergent. Perfect for cleaning cups and glasses. The high-efficiency scrubber also allows easy removal of burnt and greasy dirt.


The package contains 1 refillable handle and 1 sponge.

For the product  A 3-piece Minky Liquid Dishjet Sponge Refill Kit is also available.

Minky Liquid Dishjet Sponge with Detergent Dispenser

SKU: YY30200102
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