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  • Excellent for cleaning kitchen worktops, sinks and kitchen appliances
  • It makes it brilliant  stainless steel, chrome and hobs
  • Extra cleansing power with antibacterial protection
  • Powerful, high-density microfibers
  • Scratch-free technology


The M Cloth antibacterial kitchen cleaning pad has a double-sided design a  for efficient cleaning. Scratch-free zigzags remove stubborn grease and dirt, and extra long fibers clean hard-to-reach areas.  The ribbed microfiber backing with long, high-density fibers  ideal for removing and polishing kitchen residue to keep everything shiny clean.


Each pillow is provided with durable, antibacterial protection that prevents the growth of bacteria on the pillow. The bathroom pillow can be used with or without cleaning agents due to the highly effective cleaning power of the microfibers.


Use wet or dry. Wash by hand after use in warm soapy water to keep it clean and fresh. When wet, reshape and allow to air dry.


Each pillow is sewn separately, so the size and shape may vary slightly. Occasional thread ends may occur and can be easily cut off without damaging the cushion.


Do not use fabric softeners or bleach as they may affect the effectiveness of the pillows or cause discoloration. Before using for the first time, test your cleaner on an inconspicuous surface.


The package contains 1 cleaning pad.

Minky M Cloth AntibacterialCleaning Pad - Kitchen

SKU: TT78700135
Ft1,099 Regular Price
Ft999Sale Price
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