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  • Dense  microfibers
  • Stay fresh for longer - say goodbye to unpleasant-smelling shawls!
  • The durable  antibacterial protection  prevents the growth of bacteria  on the cleaning cloth 
  • The lattice  woven fabric absorbs more dirt than a traditional kitchen towel
  • Ideal for washing and wiping hard surfaces
  • 36 cm * 36 cm


Minky antibacterial kitchen towels are made of high-density microfibers with lattice fabric. They contain an antibacterial agent.  They are perfect for washing and wiping any hard surfaces.

The silver molecules in the antimicrobial prevent the growth of bacteria on the garment, so  the cleaning clothes remain fresh and free of bacteria. Prevents the spread of pathogens and bacteria  also during cleaning. - Hello  hygiene! :)


It is recommended to use a high quality disinfectant for maximum results, ensuring that the surfaces are also free of bacteria.


The package contains 1 wipe.

Minky Kitchen Cloth - Kitchen with antibacterial lattice weave

SKU: TT79001202
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