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  • Stain resistant, super absorbent
  • Made of natural bamboo and cotton fibers
  • Strong and durable
  • Extra thick ribbed design
  • He took a risk  its texture captures dirt quickly and easily
  • 100% biodegradable 
  • The packaging is made of fully recyclable and recycled cardboard



Environmentally conscious cleaning without compromising efficiency.

With the sustainable, environmentally friendly Bamboo product family, you can keep your home brilliantly clean while protecting the environment!

The new Minky Bamboo Cleaning Cloth is 100% biodegradable. Made from recycled bamboo and cotton fibers. Extremely absorbent, durable, can be used on all surfaces.

The natural property of bamboo fibers is that they inhibit the growth of bacteria, thus helping to maintain the freshness of your shawl.


… Because small changes save the world.


The package contains 1 wipe.

Minky Eco Bamboo Wipes 100% degradable - stripless finish

SKU: TT15100103
Ft1,299 Regular Price
Ft299Sale Price
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