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  • Premium, high efficiency  scarf
  • Designed for excellent cleaning performance - can be used without chemicals
  • It contains 700,000 strands per cm2, which  7 times more than a traditional microfiber cloth
  • Ideal for cleaning harder, dirty surfaces
  • Size: 32 * 32 cm


The M Cloth Bathroom  bathroom  ideal for double-sided wiping design  for powerful, scratch-free cleaning.

The scrubbing side loosens easily   and removes limescale and dirt, while the soft side simply wipes it all off - leaving the bathroom shiny clean!

All wipes are provided with long-lasting antibacterial protection that prevents the growth of bacteria on the garment during hygienic cleaning.  for cleanliness - so the dress stays fresh for a longer time.


The package contains 1 wipe.

Minky M Cloth Antibacterial Microfiber Wipes -Bathroom

SKU: TT78801102
Ft999 Regular Price
Ft299Sale Price
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