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  • 122 x 38 cm
  • It fits securely on the ironing board - with the help of a specially designed nose pocket.
  • Faster removal of creases - Heat-reflecting metal surface with steam flow perforations
  • Durable and durable 
  • Smoother ironing surface - extra thick foam pad
  • Made in the UK


The Minky Reflector ironing board cover has a metallized fabric surface,  , which reflects heat so it easily removes creases. The cover  it can be fastened quickly and easily with the Easy-Tie drawstring and up to 125 x 38  It also fits on a cm board. There is an additional layer of foam on the back of the cover for a smooth, even ironing surface. Minky ironing board covers are manufactured in the UK to a high quality manufacturing standard.


The package includes 1 ironing board cover.

    Minky Reflector Ironing board cover 122 * 38 cm

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