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  • For all standard ironing boards  fits up to 125 x 45 cm
  •   Faster ironing - PearlActiv technology reflects heat
  •   Fit  - super tight, prestressed elastic.
  • You want twice the lifespan - two pages
  • Smoother ironing surface - thick felt backing
  • Made in the UK


The Minky Smart Fit reversible ironing board cover is designed to fit perfectly on any standard size ironing board. This “one size fits all” cover is easy and quick to install, and the super-tensioned, pre-tensioned edging provides a perfect fit for all Minky brand boards up to 125 x 45 cm.

The colorful patterned cover on both sides lasts twice as long as usual - it just needs to be turned over and reused. It has an extra thick three-layer construction that is soft and durable to provide a perfect ironing surface.

The package includes 1 ironing board cover.

Minky Smartfit Reversible Cover 122 * 45 cm

SKU: PP23304110
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