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Hair straighteners are like best friends,  they are always ready to help! Give them what  deserve and keep you safe  okay them in this stylish, heat-resistant Styling Pod.

2 in 1 - Storage and heat resistant washer! Protect it   the surfaces  from heat when styling hair! 

HEAT RESISTANT - The support body / inner base is made of silicone that is resistant  to high temperatures.

STORAGE - Suitable for storing a standard hair straightener.

CABLE MANAGEMENT - Simply twist the cable into the retaining teeth  around it so you can avoid it  entanglement of wires.

PORTABLE - Can be placed anywhere in the apartment  and great for traveling too.


The package is 1 piece 2in1  Includes heat resistant holder.

Minky Styling 2in1 heat resistant storage and washer Rose Gold

SKU: TT13290100
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